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Sewer Services Company: Water & Sewer Line Repair & Service in Boulder, CO

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Boulder, CO Services

AAR Denver Sewer & Water has been providing outstanding plumbing services to the Boulder Valley area for over twenty years. We offer a wide range of routine and emergency sewer service to keep your home or business’s waste water management system running smoothly. Our dig-free sewer and waterline repair methods saves you time and money while keeping your Boulder property intact. In addition to our sewer line services, we also provide comprehensive septic system services to Boulder home owners.

Sewer Services Available in Boulder

As much as we would like for sewer systems to be a part of owning a home or business that is never thought about, the reality is that they require routine servicing. Luckily for you, AAR Denver Sewer & Water will shoulder your sewer repair and service needs in Boulder. We offer video inspection, sewer tapping, clean-outs of blockages and buildup, leak detection, repairs, and replacement. We prefer to use a dig-free approach to sewer repair and replacement, but we know that sometimes lines are too damaged and require full excavation to replace—you can rest easy knowing that we have the proper excavation equipment to make as little of an intrusive impact on your Boulder property as possible.

Water Line Taps

Sewer Line Taps

Fire Line Taps

Water Line Repair in Boulder

Water lines are a part of your home or business that work around the clock, and while they are built to last, they do not last forever. If you are experiencing low water pressure, strange tasting water, or discolored water, then you likely need your Boulder water line repaired or replaced. Our video inspection coupled with a radio transmitter allow is to accurately locate leaks without digging or cutting into walls—saving your added repairs and time. Our approaches to water line replacement and repair also bypass the need to dig or rip open the interior of your building.

Boulder Septic System Service

Just like waste management systems, septic tanks also require regular maintenance. AAR Denver Sewer & Water performs septic system video inspections in order to assess for blockages, structural integrity of the tank itself, and that the baffles are working properly. We will also repair or re-pipe the lines coming from your Boulder property or out to the drainage field that have been damaged from the ground settling or tree roots.

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At AAR Denver Sewer & Water, we are proud to offer our inspection, cleaning, and repair services throughout the Boulder area. If you’re having problems with your plumbing, or you want to set up a routine inspection, don’t hesitate to call us today. Our sewer line inspection service can help find what’s wrong with your pipes before it becomes a problem. We work hard to provide exceptional service to the Boulder area.