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Water Line Tap Services: Water Tap Installation, Repair & More in Brighton, CO

AAR Denver Sewer & Water has the experience and knowledge needed to install new water line taps at homes and businesses throughout Brighton. Our experts know all the current regulations and laws surrounding water lines and their installation and will use that expertise to make the process as quick and simple as possible. If your water line is leaking, we can also do a water tap repair, restoring your water flow to full capacity without completely replacing the line.

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A Water Line Tap for Your Brighton Home

A water line tap is when we hook up your Brighton property to the city’s main water line. This could be done for any number of reasons, but the process is always the same. Our experts have the experience needed to safely and effectively install a new water line or perform water tap repair. If you are having any problems with water pressure or quality in your Brighton home, we can help discover the problem and fix it for you.

Water Tap Installation for Your Brighton Property

The process for water tap installation for your Brighton property is straightforward. We will begin by digging a hole through your Brighton property for the new line. Then we will install a meter on your Brighton home. This meter allows the city to gauge your water usage for billing purposes. Finally, we finish the water tap by running a line from the city’s main water line to the meter and then to your home.

Reasons to Get a New Water Tap

The most common reason for having a water tap installation done is because you are building a new Brighton home. Every home needs water to function, so this is one of the main steps to building a new home. If you are having trouble with your old water line, you can also have a new line installed on your existing Brighton home.  A new line can improve the flow and quality of the water you are receiving in your home.

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