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Damaged fire hose from a fire hydrant - water spray

Fire Line Taps: Fire Sprinkler System Repair, Replacement, & Service in Brighton, CO

One of the services we offer at AAR Denver Sewage & Water is the installation and repair of fire line taps, also known as a fire sprinkler system. This service is usually only necessary for commercial buildings and apartments. When your Brighton property needs that extra protection from fire damage, our experts can come and perform our fire sprinkler service. Don’t be caught unaware, have a fire line sprinkler installed in your Brighton property.

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Fire Line Sprinkler Installation in Brighton

A fire line tap is the industry name for the water line that is dedicated to a fire sprinkler system for your Brighton commercial or apartment building. Our experts will run a line from your Brighton property to the city’s main water line, hooking the sprinkler service in your building to the water it needs to function properly. Our experts know how to properly install the fire line tap and ensure that your building will be safe in the case of a fire.

Reasons for Fire Sprinkler System Installation

Our fire sprinkler service is necessary for the sprinklers that can save your Brighton business or apartment complex. Cities have code requirements for commercial buildings, requiring them to have sprinklers installed. Our experts will know which codes are applicable to your Brighton property, but having a sprinkler system is a good idea to have for your property in any case to protect it from potential damage.

What We Do as a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

As a fire sprinkler contractor, we tap into the city’s water main and connect it to the sprinkler system installed in your Brighton property. Our experts will dig a hole for the line, then connect it to both the building and the water main, filling in the hole when we’re finished. Don’t let an unpredictable fire event cause irreparable damage to your Brighton property, let us hook up the water for your sprinkler system. We’ll make sure that everything goes smoothly so that you can focus on running your business.

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