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Water Line Tap Services: Water Tap Installation, Repair & More in Boulder, CO

If you want water from Boulder’s municipal water supply to flow through your home or business, then you need a water line tap. AAR Denver Sewer & Water has the experience and equipment needed to provide Boulder property owners with world-class water tap installation services. Given that water mains are buried and often do not run directly beneath the properties they service, we offer a dig-less approach to water tap installation that avoids the tearing up of any concrete and landscaping.

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Water Tap Installations in Boulder

The water tap installation process begins with locating Boulder’s municipal water supply and exposing it at a strategic location close to your property. Next, the water tap is attached so that when we run the water line to your home or commercial space, the neighboring structures are unaffected. Our technicians will also install a water meter so that the city of Boulder can monitor your water consumption and charge you appropriately.

Water Tap Repair for Boulder Homes and Businesses

Over time, water can corrode nearly any material, which is why water line taps in Boulder still require regular maintenance and repair. Our video examination equipment will snake through your water lines and internally inspect for leaks, weak points, and valve failure. We pair the video feed with a radio transmitter so that we can precisely locate your water line tap. By eliminating educated guesses, we dig only where we need to, minimizing any property restoration work.

Trenchless Water Tap Methods Available in Boulder

There is no need to gouge out a massive trench in your property’s landscape, asphalt, or concrete in order to perform water tap repair or installation. AAR Denver Sewer & Water approaches this task by using a winch to pull a pipe underground or relining your existing water line. These methods avoid wasting time digging, back filling, and restoring your property from excavation, as well as saving you money. You can rest assured knowing that our twenty years of experience providing the Boulder Valley area with high quality water tap repair and installation.

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