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Water Line Tap Services: Water Tap Installation, Repair & More in Aurora, CO

A water line tap is a point where water is drawn from the city’s main water supply and run into a home or commercial building in Aurora. AAR Denver Sewer & Water will provide water tap installation services for new construction projects as well as repairs on existing water taps in Aurora. Because water mains may be underneath streets or on another person’s property, we use a trenchless method when running a water line from a new tap to avoid tearing up asphalt and landscaping.

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Water Tap Installations in Aurora

A water tap installation allows for a new water line to be run from an Aurora property’s water main without affecting the surrounding building’s water. The process starts by locating the water main and digging a hole down to expose the pipe. Next, we will attach the water line tap to the water main, then run a water line from the tap to your home or business. We will run the line from the water tap through a water meter so that the city of Aurora knows how much water you are using and bill you accordingly.

Water Tap Repair for Aurora Homes and Businesses

Water is the universal solvent, and as is the case with all plumbing, water line taps in Aurora require routine maintenance and repairs. We use video snakes to internally inspect your water lines and taps for leaks and weak points. When paired with a hand-held radio transmitter, we can eliminate any guess work in locating your water tap, digging only where it is necessary to implement our repairs. If you have an old home whose water line tap is beginning to fail, we are capable to taking on that task.

Trenchless Water Tap Method in Aurora

For water tap repair and installation, there is no need to excavate a massive trench in your yard, road, or concrete walkways. AAR Denver Sewer & Water’s method of using a winch to pull a new water line from the tap is a more efficient and cost-effective way to supply your Aurora home or business with fresh water. You can put your trust in our two decades of experience and reputation for servicing Aurora with world-class water tap repair and installation services.

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