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Damaged fire hose from a fire hydrant - water spray

Fire Line Taps: Fire Sprinkler System Repair, Replacement, & Service in Arvada, CO

A fire line sprinkler relies on a heat sensitive plug, often held in place by liquid in glass. If temperatures reach anywhere between 135 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, the glass shatters and the plug is released, allowing the sprinkler to turn on. The temperature corresponds with the early stages of a fire long before flashpoint, the temperature at which all combustible materials in a room ignite. Our fire sprinkler contractors take this seriously and install systems properly, knowing that people’s lives are on the line.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems are Good for the Arvada Community

Even when they are not required, fire sprinkler systems are still popular for both commercial and residential Arvada buildings. A good firefighter response time is nine-12 minutes, but flashovers are possible in four minutes. A fire stopped by a sprinkler system can save 90 percent of the water firefighters would use; and can reduce damage up to 97 percent so less ends up in the landfill. They benefit you, the community and firefighters—and our fire sprinkler contractors know how to install them properly.

Installing a Fire Line Sprinkler in Your Arvada Building

A connection is made to the water main of an Arvada building. For stand-alone fire sprinkler systems, the water delivery is split so the normal water system is separated from the fire system. For combined multipurpose systems, the lines are metered. Maintenance is minimal with quick checks recommended every six months. Our experienced fire line sprinkler experts, with years of experience and attention to detail, can install a system for you either in a new build or existing Arvada structure.

Backflow Testing and Other Maintenance Services in Arvada

Backflow preventers guard against tainting otherwise drinkable water. Our fire sprinkler service technicians in Arvada perform regular tests on backflow preventers and other parts of your system to ensure the longevity of the system. Our technicians check the conditions of gaskets, couplings or swivels, plugs or caps, hangers, valves including check valve and pipes. We will also check fire pumps if they are present. If we find problems, our fire sprinkler service can repair them right away before they can degrade into something much worse.

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